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The Road Map

I apologize that this month’s blog is quite late. My original intent was to have them released at the first of each month but that has not been the case. That being said, I have not forgotten you my dear friends and devout readers.

This month I will be providing you with a brief update.

First, Icarus Falls has been out for roughly a month now. I appreciate all of the feedback I have received and I would say that overall the book has been a success. I had a lot of reservations about the book but I am happy to see it out in the world and that it was not a disappointment. If you have any feedback you wish to send to me feel free! Also please don’t forget to drop a review on Amazon! The more positive reviews a book has the more likely it is to be suggested to other people by Amazon.

Second, I have begun working with some other young writers to create another fairy tale anthology showcasing some of our work. We are still in the early stages but I will let you know when that becomes available.

Finally, I have officially decided on which out of my arsenal of stories will become my next book. It currently has no title but I can tell you it will be another Young Adult Fiction that will deal with the theme of loss.

There you have it! Update complete.

But before you go, this month I would like to bring some attention to a local entrepreneur Jessica Jortberg.

Jessica is an NH teacher who started her own small business - Call It Home.

The idea for Call It Home came about when Jessica made an NH outline on a t-shirt with her “Cricut”

machine, which she uses to create decorations for her classroom and students. Being a firm believer in state spirit she decided to start Call It Home; a small business that helps you create a custom shirt or hat to represent the great state of New Hampshire.

You can pick a style, color, sleeve lettering, the logo on the front or back, size, etc.

Jessica hopes to expand to the rest of New England (and possibly further) to help people represent their homes and has already worked with clients in MA and CT.

There is currently a website in the works but for now you can reach out to Jessica on Instagam @_callithome

So this month’s advice:

Support your local businesses. Keep in mind, it doesn’t have to be done with money. You can leave reviews, share posts, like, and follow. Don’t forget to post a review on Amazon for Icarus Falls or Where Man and Monster Meet, and check out Call It Home!

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