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How do you choose the next book you will read?

I am a writer of fiction and fantasy, and I confess I have not read Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings….yet. This always catches people off guard and I admit it strikes me as a little odd as well. I have a copy of The Fellowship of the Ring sitting on my “to-read” shelf and it just continues to sit being passed over for various others.

So I ask you: How do you choose the next book you will read?

Do you look at the cover? The price? Books you already own, or do you search online?

In the world of self-publishing you are told readers choose by cover, then by the book blurb on the back. Do you agree? Shoot me an email. Let me know how you choose!

As we are coming up on the end of the year I figured I would provide you with an update.

A few months ago, I reached out to several of my friends in hopes to write an anthology of Fairy Tales, Reflections of Reality. We have made a lot of progress and, though we do not currently have an ETA, I am hoping to have it out by the end of 2020.

For those of you wondering, my third book is about half way written. It is another young adult novel about a high school girl struggling with loss. I am currently referring to as Heavensent but we will see if the title changes. You can expect that to be released in 2021.

Finally, I decided to try something new and I wrote a short horror/thriller story that is definitely geared towards adults. My plan is to submit it to several print magazines to see if anyone will take it. So wish me luck on that. I will let you know if I get published!

Other than that the year is coming to a quick close and I have a few plans for a second blog on my site specifically to teach some of the things I have learned about writing. This would be to help high school and college students as well as those who are writing for fun. I also have plans for a YouTube channel and audio books.

So stay tuned there is more to come!

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